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Hellooo! Here's my third post......
Now I want to share with you JUMP's Best Songs, my version.
Of course I know, you know, everyone know either that JUMP's songs are soooooo goooood at all, but maybe for new tobbikos it can be your reference or something xD hahaha

So here my fav JUMP's songs list:
1. Tada Mae E
2. Sangatsu Juuyokka Tokei
3. Kira-Kira Hikare
4. Puppy Boo
5. #Chau
6. Pet Shop Love Motion
8. Disco Jockey!!!
9. Asu E No Yell
10. Yowamushi Shooter
11. Boys Dont Stop
12. Ai Yo, Boku Wo Michibiiteyuke
13. Weekender
14. Jumping Car
15. Over
16. Candle
17. Ride With Me
18. AinoArika
19. Come On A My House
20. Ready Go

21. School Girl
22. Hands Up
23. New Hope
24. Mystery Virgin
25. Gin No Sekai Ni Negai Wo Komete
26. Moonlight
27. Asia No Yoru
28. Ai No Katamari
29. Super Delicate
30. Beat Line
31. Ai-ing Aishiteru
32. Ultra Music Power
33. Kimi Ni Attraction
34. Hitomi No Screen
35. Ignition
36. Maji Sunshine
37. Eve
38. My Girl
39. Eternal
40. Masquerade
41. Gift
42. Magic Power
43. Star Time
44. Sam & Pinky
45. GET!!

Well.. Actually, this isnt ranked xD
You know it's hard for me to rank all of their songs, I cant choose which is the best because all of them are actually soo coool haha. But Tada Mae E is absolutelly my 1st fav!
I looooveee Ryosuke part the most, but I love all members of JUMP too..
Thats all. Thankyou!
*spread love*

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