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Hi! My name is Listhya from Indonesia.Yoroshiku!

Now in my second post, I want to tell ya a story why I love Jump so much~
Well, I love Jump, but I love Ryosuke for the most along of all membersLOL. Ya thats true, but I still love Jump so much.

So, here it is.. My story begin from just Ryosuke...
Let me tell you first, guys.. Im not the type of person that love boyband, actually Im very hate it before, umm I mean for Indonesian boyband.. since I dont really know about other country. I mean they are dancing like a girl, it was so.. tickling for me. Really, I dont like it.

Then.. My perception was changed when I saw "Ansatsu Kyouhitsu's trailer", I just...wah... my mind is blank, my heart skipped a beat.. You know right? The lead role was Ryosuke? It's like he had stolen my heart for the first meeting! Then I just... WOAH! SO THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE CALLED BY LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT????!!! When the trailer shows Nagisa while he shoots korosensei in slow motion, I just couldnt help it, Im just falling in love with him.

Until now, I dont really know how could I falling in love with Ryosuke that much. First, I think it is because Ryosuke is soooo damn handsome! And he is so talented too. But I think thoise reason is not enough for me, this is could be something more haha. Idk, even though I'm not the type of person who easily fall for someone new just by their face. I just love him a lot. I think he has a strong auras, LOL!

You know, I really love his sweet voice, even though sometimes it sounds a little girly but it could turn into something elegant too! I love watching a movie that he starred, he could turns into any character, he could fit any style. Idk, for me, he's too perfect! Then I've watched his drama, kindaichi series. And...... Im sooo soooo in love with him! . He's so funnyyy, I cant stop laughing! Yea, even though in those drama his character is a perverted boy who love oppai so much. HAHAHA. Im kinda envy with Haruna Kawaguchi-_- she's so lucky, so lucky. Ahh..

Then I searched anything that related to Ryosuke, and I found a fact that he's Johnny's. And.. He's member of a boyband! OMG! The group was called Hey!Say!JUMP , whats wrong with the name?? Haha. I never heard their group before, I just know Arashi back then and I know it just for little. I thought they are not so popular, and I wrong! definitely wrong. They are sooo damn popular, maybe Iam the one who not so smart-_-

After knowing about HSJ, I started to listen to their songs, and watch their concert dvd and I ended up I LOVE JUMP MUCH!! The first concert dvd that I watched was Jumping Carnival, the newest one. You know right? You should know right? That Ryosuke was soooo damn handsome with his silver haircolor and lenses color! Hontoni perfect idol! Ikemen ja!! Ryosuke is moreee moreee handsome when he's on stage! And so with that.. my love is getting deeper now!!

Now, Im so busy to watching their pv's making (all of the members are so adorable! Yuto is JUMP's cameramen right? haha), Jump Party (ahhh... Yuto always won, though my ichiban is almost win haha) , their interview (so funny) and their Variety Show (Itadaki High Jump, Little Tokyo Live and School Kakumei).

I'm just so happy to know that he's the ACE. Yeaaay my ichiban is the ACE! Hahaha Im happy, so I could stay up to date about him easily, because his fans is so many. But you know, sometimes I just got irritated when someone said Ryosuke is hers. What the heeeeell is that? Then what supposed am I? Im his wife!!! LOL! I've read many article about him, and I know that there are many people that do love him (other members), but... you know... I just started feeling that Im nothing.. So sad, but Im happy for him... I know Ryosuke is so lovely, anyone couldnt help to love him haha. Now Im envy with keito and chinen, I read an article that they ate ryosuke's cooking frequently. I WANT TOOO!! It should be so yummy right:(

Cause my love is sooo deep, I even have a plan to go to their concert someday, so I just save my money for now!  But I heard that it is hard to get their concert ticket. It is hard for local fans, so just how harder it could be for international fans??? But still I want to see my husband directly, I want to be sure that he's do good, stay healty.. Ahh it sounds like I actually his wife xD LOL! Wish I could be there someday, it will be greatest memories right? Hahaha. I want to shout his name on the sky loudly than the other fans so he could notice me that Iam do exist xD

Nah, my story actually is still looooong to continue, but now I want to do my final project for graduate this year. So I could get a job this year so I could save my money so I could see JUMP's concet next year xD

You know, I couldn't stare at this photo for more than 10seconds, LOL! His gaze is so intense right? Atashi no kokoro wa sugoii doki-doki suru! :*

PS: By the way, if you guys want to give me some advice to get the ticket or just want to share whats on your mind.. Just feel free to comment. Though Im not sure theres someone who interest with my story LOL. Anything, I will appreciated it.

So... in the end, Im so sorry if my english isnt good enough. I just wrote whats on my mind.

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