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I felt too many feels through this lol I wanted to cry and i wanted to yell at him for being so self deprecating lol


Seventeeen Magazine
[Vol.7 “Body Talk” Ft. Yamada Ryosuke]

Hair: It’s thin, I have so much of it and it’s wavy. Above all of that, its natural color is like a light brown. Even if I change it to black it’ll always go back to its original brown. Truthfully, my hair is really hard to handle.

Hands: My hands are small, my fingers are thin and my pinky finger is only a size 5. Honestly, this is embarrassing for a man and they’re a part of my body that I don’t like to show.

Nose: I think I’m sensitive to smells. I’m really bad with the smell of natto. Sometimes Okamoto Keito and Takaki Yuya eat it close to me on purpose (laughs) They tease me that way.

Lips: When it comes to my mouth I think, “It would have been better if it looked fuller from the side”. For a man, it’s a huge complex to have naturally red tinted lips. Even though I don’t do anything I end up looking like I have make-up on my face.

Legs: Because of soccer training, these short and thick legs have incredible power!! I think it’d hurt quite a lot if I was to kick someone. I won’t kick girls though

Ears: Since odd numbers sound good to me I only got one piercing on my left ear.  My friends did it for me around the time I was 19 but I wasn’t really happy with it (laughs) I healed it myself at home.

Back: I’m often told backstage that it’s “smooth”. I think my back is pretty for a man of my age. For now, I don’t think there’s any pimples on it.

Eyes: My eye sight is about 0.3. The world appears blurry to me when I don’t have my glasses on. Although when I’m nervous, I feel glad to have that effect on my eyes (laughs)

This Month’s Sentence
“I feel that Yamada’s body slants more towards the right (laughs)” –Yamada Ryosuke

My Best 3:The female body parts that catch my attention
[What are the charming female body parts that catch Yama-chan’s attention?]
Best 1: Legs- I love it when they’re not too thin and when they’re not too big. I like it when they’re right in the middle of those two Dieting is okay but, men like it when there’s some leftover softness to them.
Best 2: Eyes- I like eyes that slant and look gentle when they smile. I hate excessive eye makeup. Men like women with no makeup after all.
Best 3: Mouth- I love it when girls wear lip gloss. When I see that soft effect that they get when they use it, I can’t help but think “Woah” (laughs) I think that’s cute


“(T/N: Gets cut off)…I yearn for a macho body!”

I’m often asked, “Do you do anything to your skin?” but, I don’t really do anything special to it.
This skin of mine that knows nothing about skin problems is probably hereditary.  What’s the proof for that? It’s because everyone in my family is smooth and fair skinned (laughs) When I have to do something with it I usually do muscle training but when I don’t have to then I don’t do anything. Since I have an androgynous (T/N: Feminine qualities) appearance on the outside, there’s that impression of a man with girl qualities: “Shouldn’t you care about something like beauty? (since you look like that)”
But… I hate unmanly looking men. Naturally, it’s something men have to compete against, after all.

Within my own body, there’s not a single part that I think of as “a part that I like” but……If I have to pick then it’d be how “Soft my cheeks are”. During our drama filming, Katou Ai-san declared out of nowhere “Let’s have a ‘Who has the No.1 softest cheeks’ contest”.  Although all she did was pull and pinch at our cheeks (laughs) I was the champion for it

Here and there, my body is full of complexes. The kind of body I yearn for is a manly body like Lee Byung-hun’s. (T/N: oh c’mon, yama-chan) It’s just that when it comes to height, being tall suits that kind of macho body the best. Imagine it. Isn’t it gross if I showed up somewhere and you saw me with my current height and that macho body and I greeted everyone with “Good Morning” in a really low voice? (laughs) The me that thinks this way also has an obsession with abdominal muscles. Girls might not know this but, when it comes to abdominal muscles, it’s not easy to mess with its symmetry. They either hang a little or not. (T/N: This whole abs talk was a bit too complex for me lol so corrections appreciated for this abs part x3) By the way, I feel that my left abs hang slightly low. That’s why men yearn for a 6-pack.

If I was to tell the readers of Seventeen a few secrets about my body then….first it’d be that I have loose joints, and speaking of which, they make noise (laughs) Just by slightly turning my shoulders, they crack, and even when I stretch out my hands, my fingers crack. Also, I sweat a lot. That’s why I don’t really wear grey t-shirts because sweat is more visible on those. Basically, I make it a rule for myself to only wear white or black t-shirts during the summer. That’s why today’s outfit includes a white shirt. Oh yeah, also, if you look reaaaaally carefully, I have a scar on my right cheek. It’s a scratch from my younger sister that I got from a fight that we had when we were little. It wasn’t only that one time though, there’s been plenty more. But, as for that scar, I don’t know if it can be seen at a close distance. It’s a scar that only the person that gets to kiss me can see (laughs)  It’s a special privilege that belongs to that person only

(T/N: You can see that scar in his dramas *A* The one I remember for sure being able to see that scar in "Risou no Musuko" :3)


Owari :3
I need to write an angry fan letter to Yama-chan telling him to LOVE HIS GORGEOUS BODY CAUSE WE LOVE IT.
Hope you guys liked x)


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