Jul. 5th, 2016

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Hi! My name is Listhya from Indonesia.Yoroshiku!

Now in my second post, I want to tell ya a story why I love Jump so much~
Well, I love Jump, but I love Ryosuke for the most along of all membersLOL. Ya thats true, but I still love Jump so much.

So, here it is.. My story begin from just Ryosuke...
Let me tell you first, guys.. Im not the type of person that love boyband, actually Im very hate it before, umm I mean for Indonesian boyband.. since I dont really know about other country. I mean they are dancing like a girl, it was so.. tickling for me. Really, I dont like it.

Then.. My perception was changed when I saw "Ansatsu Kyouhitsu's trailer", I just...wah... my mind is blank, my heart skipped a beat.. You know right? The lead role was Ryosuke? It's like he had stolen my heart for the first meeting! Then I just... WOAH! SO THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE CALLED BY LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT????!!! When the trailer shows Nagisa while he shoots korosensei in slow motion, I just couldnt help it, Im just falling in love with him.

this guy is so cool! )

You know, I couldn't stare at this photo for more than 10seconds, LOL! His gaze is so intense right? Atashi no kokoro wa sugoii doki-doki suru! :*

PS: By the way, if you guys want to give me some advice to get the ticket or just want to share whats on your mind.. Just feel free to comment. Though Im not sure theres someone who interest with my story LOL. Anything, I will appreciated it.

So... in the end, Im so sorry if my english isnt good enough. I just wrote whats on my mind.


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