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Becoming an Arashian day by day~

Ah... I dunno where to start my story, but let me tell you first guys, Im a tobikko, a bit hardcore tobikko haha especially for Ryosuke, Im really his big fan, um tbh Im his future wife /slap haha.

I knew about Arashi since a long time ago, maybe since my first year in college. I love about Japanese culture bcs my brother gave me a lot of Japanese dramas back then, I want to know more about it, about its dramas, songs, everything. I forgot what Ive been searched on internet, but I found Arashi name. (At that time, I still didnt know about Hey! Say! JUMP). I knew that Arashi is a super idol, they has a lot of albums and singles. so I interested listen to Arashi's songs, but its not easy haha I dont have much time to listen to all of their songs hahaha. and I give up immediately haha lol.

Then I watched Jun's romance drama, Shitsuren Chocolatier, and I looooooovee it!! at first, Idk who was the lead actor, so I browsed on internet, omg it was Jun Arashi. I love Jun's character so much in that drama haha. he's so funny, his acting skill is good. He's such a good kisser huh hahaha, his mouth is so sexy asdfghgj hahaha, ah I love its OST so much! and the title is Bittersweet from Arashi, there. there, I started to love Arashi again haha. My first Arashi's song that I like was Bittersweet, I listened to it almost everyday back then.

I love Arashi, but my love is stil so so so. Maybe at that time, Im just a Jun's fan hahaha. and then, when I was so busy with doing my final project to graduate, I watched Jun's drama 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi, aaaaaaaa I looooooveee it!!!!! Omg I love his another character hahaha, I love his boring jokes, I love his weird expression, I love his high sense of justice, I love his personality, I love his pride, god I love that genious person so much!!! REALLY, I LOVE JUN SO MUCH SINCE THAT TIME. Im becoming his big fan, I decided to make Jun as my niban, after Ryosuke LOL. Jun's acting skill was sooooooo damn good omg, so Im not surprised if his drama's rating was really high. Of course it is! I cant believe that Jun's acting skill can give a lot of impression to me. I watch u from now on, Jun. hahaha.

26.10.2016. Are You Happy Released! Here. it start from here, my love for Arashi lol. I start to become an Arashian since I watched their new PV, Dont U Get It. OMG I LOVE THIS HOPELESS DORKS SO MUCH! hahaha I cant stop laughing no matter how many time Ive watch this PV, especially the part when Ohno's face got slapped by a paper hahaha he looks like an Ojisan hahaha. the melody can makes my tension up and their dance is also funny hahaha lol. what was I thought about this PV is "arent they forget about their age???!!" hahaha I love Arashi bcs altough they are a super idol, they dont mind to do a stupid thing, I love that side of Arashi so much. I hope they dont change it until they are getting old lol. Jun, as handsome as ever, flirty boy haha. Ohno, Nino, lol they are so funny hahaha. Sho, he's still jaim sometimes (lol Idk whats jaim in english, sry haha). Aiba, his voice is beautiful! that was my impression to each of Arashi's member.

Oh ya, I missed Arashi's performance on Music Station last month. I desperately looking for it, glad Ive found it hehe. I nvr thought that they will perform their new song, dont u get it. Since I love that song so much, especially their stupid dance hahaha, so I really really want to watch that performance no matter what! kyaaaaa I love their performance so much huhu! Jun's expression omg he looks like a bad boy hahaha. he stuck out his tongue during Dont U Get It performance omg my lovely boy!<3

I got a video that containing two performance, at first ofc Idk whats the title. and I listened to it, and I like it huhu. such a good wedding song huh? I love that song more when I watch the PV, aaaaa they are so cute!!! I love that dance too!! Its similar to dont u get it's dance, isnt it? ah and the bride on Arashi's PV was so lucky huh T,T maybe I'll cry if Arashi come to my wedding with Ryosuke someday hahahaha. and this song immediately become my top fav Arashi's song! the melody is so refreshing, such a happy song. I like the "I I I I love you wo~" and "darling darling darling~" and "kyou wa~"  and "omedetou, oretachi no true love~" part haha lol I just love the whole song xD I'll definetely play this song on my wedding someday www~
(and Hey! Say! JUMP - Gift)

so yeah, I'm a newbie in this fandom. actually, just being a tobikko already makes me crazy (in a good meaning) lolol. Idk where should I start to know more about my new fandom, since Arashian is a big fandom:') I start to watch some of newest Arashi's PV and their performance, bcs Im the type of person thats prefer watching than reading, or listening. Im easy to get bored just by reading or listening. Im easy to like smth by watching (well, not sure how to explain about this haha).

by watching them (Arashi), I have top 7 Arashi's song! hahaha. I love Ai Wo Sakebe, Dont U Get It, Bittersweet, Daylight, Your Eyes, Miles Away, and Road to Glory. Any recommendation? But yeah, I havent listen to all of their songs, I need an extra time to do it haha. I'll start to listen to their newest album till their oldest, I think. so, I think Im still in progress to become a loyal Arashian lol. I have to follow more Arashian community huh? Yup, I think it will help me.

um, I have to go now, but actually there are smth more that I want to tell to u guys, but yeah I have to go. Ja ne~~

PS. I'll try to balancing between being a Tobikko and an Arashian.
I love my new fandom<3
sorry for my bad english.

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