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Actually, at the first time I fall for Ryosuke, I didnt thought bout anything. You know... it's like... I just fall in love with him unconditionally, there's no reason for it.

But.. here... I fall for him deeper and deeper cuz this 9 reasons... why 9? actually there are soooo many reasons for me to fall for him. But, I'll just write 9 reasons, like their song, vivà 9th soul www. you know right, if I write all of them, this post will never ends hahaha. so, here...

1. He's so damn handsome.
this is absolute. no doubt, of course. everyone knew it already right? hehehe. the first impression is often about the face right?
But yeah, of course just handsome is so plain. thats why there are still 8 reasons in behind!

2. His smile
I really love his smile! it's so bright, it even could bright your day whenever you got badmood. the power of his smile is so strong for me. I feel like in peace whenever I see his smile. when he laugh so hard, uwaa... my heart beat so fast.
I like his nose and his mouth the most! his nose and his mouth shape are so beautiful. It's even prettier than mine hahaha.

3. He's a hardwoker and he cares about the others.
You cant doubt about this too. since he's the ACE, he put his effort for his group so much. He really cares and thinks about all of the members of JUMP. Lately, he even concepts DEAR tour while he's so busy for filming FMA and some variety show. I like it, when he always do his best, but somehow it really painful to see his tired-face. Idk, but lately I rarely see his bright smile on tv..
My chest hurt, when I saw he fells down while shoot basketball in FNS and he got some injured..
I hope he will be okay! get well really soon my love! please take some rest and dont force yourself:(

4. He's so strong.
He is really strong.. not just his big arms, or his abilty to carry a person. but... He's so strong to face his problems. I read about his struggle in the past to be the ACE of JUMP. that isnt so easy, but he could pass his problems in gentle ways.
And I just read some news from netizen's thought of him being a cast for FMA LA. so many people judge at him. you know it too right? that being underpressure isnt good at all. I think he try his best to manage that pressure. but as u can see... now he just try his best to prove them that he could do that. and Im sure he could do that! I'll support him no matter what!!
ah! his auras is strooong tooo!! wwww

5. His sweet and elegant voice.
His voice... I used his voice for my incoming chat and message ringtone www. They are 'ganbatte', 'aishiteru' and 'I love you' www. I love his voice so much, so I do this lol. Ganbatte.. It's a plain word that anyone can say it. But, really... Ryosuke's ganbatte can makes me feel so enthusiastic! It's like I want to give up, but I didnt give up till the ends.
Forget about the ringtone.. I love his voice while he's singing. His voice is elegant, gentle, and sweet. It's enough to make me melt. I almost faint whenever I hear his 'ahhhhhh' on viva 9th soul! www ok, now I looked so hentai nee xD

6. He's baka.
He's so baka! www he did many mistake while give an information, answer a question and even read a kanji! www JUMP even said that keito is better than him www.
Idk. he's baka but Im still love him sooooooo muchhhh! I wonder why hahahaha. he's full of himself sometimes, but my love just getting deeper lol.
He's so funny whenever he's mistaken over something www. really, I love him however he is.

7. His character.
I love all of his character! Romantic, funny, even tsundere. I love them, zenbu. Ryosuke is so romantic along all of members, no doubt. He could make atashi no kokoro wa doki-doki suru! though he did a proposal on tv, my heart beat so fast like I ride a roller coaster, race like Im on the championship www. really, he's not good for my heart www.
His tsundere. some people doesnt agree with me, they doesnt think that ryosuke has a tsundere side. but I feel it whenever he's with keito and daiki www. He's so mean to them www. Tsundere, the type that I could fall  in love into. no wonder, I ended love him so much. he's tsundere and romantic at the same times aw thats my real ikemen!

8. He's multitalent.
There's almost nothing that he cant do. Beside singing, he's also can do many things. He do dancing, acting, and so many else.
First his dancing, among all of the members, my autofocus is always on Ryosuke. So, I always focused on him the most. I even knew whenever he did a mistake in dancing www but idk he can cover his mistake in a cool ways. He's so energetic at dancing! He did it in a gentle way, tho sometimes the dance is kinda girly www.
Second I will talk about his acting skills. You know right? He's a rokiee of the year! www. yeah, he got an award several months ago. Kindaichi... Nagisa.. Semi... Ah I love all of them! He could act every character! Tho there are still many people doubt bout his acting skill (maybe it's cuz he's a member of boyband), but dont u know? He really did his best. He always reject to use a stuntman, he prefer do it himself. so, please... anyone... just dont judge him cuz his background or something, please look at his effort to become better...
ps. I'll always support you, Ryosuke, tho so many people judge on you. I always looking forward of your new drama or movie! but please... dont starring on romantic genre. dont betray me... cuz I dont think that my heart could be that strong:')
Ah! I almost forgot. He could write a beautiful lyrics too! I love candle's and sangatsu juyokka tokei's lyrics, it's so romantic and feel so sad too at the same times. I couldnt believe that Ryosuke could write those beautiful lyrics by himself. Im so proud of him, even tho Im nothing to him. I listen to those songs almost everyday! He's so good at ballad.

9. He's so brave.
There's no one that perfect. of course it's valid for Ryosuke too as a human. For me, he still an ordinary boy who have some fears. But, whats that makes me amazed is how he solves his fears, his problems. He has a phobia of high place right? but he try to face his fear so hard.. at a variety show like vs zeus, itadaki high jump, even tho he was so afraid, he did his mission successfully. I think thats so amazing. he's so gentle. Just how it could be that my love for him isnt getting deeper? www

Thats all, hmm actually not all... cause I still have a bunch of reasons www. I love him even tho he's smaller than me, um maybe we're same www. but I hope he will taller than me someday! I really want to meet him, thats why I do my best here, now... so someday... there will be another reasons why I have to unchange this feeling!;)


I made this post special for your anniv hehehe. Ganbatte nee!! I'll always support u till the ends!

Much love,
ur future beloved wife www😘

Date: 2016-08-11 07:30 pm (UTC)
kakuhiro: (Baayama~)
From: [personal profile] kakuhiro
OMG Listhya-chan! This is such a nice post! ☺ keep loving Ryosuke ♥♥♥♥♥

Date: 2016-08-13 02:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

hehehe really mitsu-chan? www thanks! Yup, I'll always love him!^^

Date: 2016-08-12 03:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

tcieee yg fall in lope sama yamada

Date: 2016-08-13 02:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

manaaa kamu ga bikin spesial yutti ultah? www

Date: 2016-09-01 05:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
enggak huhuhu :"

Date: 2016-10-29 07:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I love ryosuke too! Great list by the way. ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Date: 2016-10-30 04:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hi! arigatou^^ yup, he is so adorable right xD

Date: 2016-11-08 05:02 am (UTC)
aliceceee: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aliceceee
his smileeee ~~~~~

Date: 2016-11-08 07:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
makes me melt❤❤❤

Date: 2016-11-09 03:39 am (UTC)
aliceceee: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aliceceee
sameeee ~~
(deleted comment)

Date: 2016-11-14 03:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yup me too, I like him at the first sight when I watched Assasination Classroom's teaser:)


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